Causticum Potassium Hydrate Homeopathic Remedy

Published: 14th December 2011
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A state of paralysis is characteristic of this remedy - a progressive, slow-acting chronic state encompassing paralysis (with weakness and tremor), rheumatism and arthritis. There's a state of lassitude and mental fatigue. The paralysis reaches right through to the emotional layers as well. Anxiety and fear are prominent, paralysing anxiety and fear, worse at twilight and night. There is also a sort of paralysis of confidence and will. The person is extremely cautious and anxious; she can even become suicidal from thinking about anxiety and fears, frighten herself to death. She is full of foreboding and apprehension, jumps at the least noise, has fearful fancies in the dark. Night is a very bad time and there are fears on waking. There are fears of many things: dogs, evil, ghosts, the future. Children do not want to go to bed alone.

People needing this remedy are very sensitive to others: deeply concerned about injustice (especially children). They have intense sympathy with people or animals in pain or in trouble, are almost excessively compassionate. Their anxiety for others is marked. As a defence they can often be very caustic or sarcastic; they can be censorious and critical and are inclined to contradict others. A blustering anger is often present which doesn't last; the person can be quarrelsome and peevish and get incensed at trifles. This is the opposite side to that of the extreme anxiety, lack of self-confidence and timidity.

Pessimism, depression and anxiety are expressed in sudden tears and floods of emotion. They may have a history of suffering from long-lasting grief which has worn them out. A woman needing this remedy may become hopeless, despondent, want to die. She can become conscience-stricken as if she had committed some crime; she may become suspicious of others too. She worries a lot, always having to go back and check whether she has remembered to do something.

The remedy is particularly suited to people with a worn-out constitution who suffer from stiff joints and chronic rheumatic problems causing contraction of the tendons and deformities around the joints. The pains are burning, drawing, sore, raw, with cramps here and there: they are generally worse for cold dry weather and better for wet mild weather. There is restlessness of the legs in bed at night.
There is paralysis of single parts of the body: this may be the result of deep-seated nervous diseases (e.g. Parkinson's) or the acute result of exposure to cold or trauma (e.g. Bell's Palsy). There can be small paralyses of the throat with difficulty swallowing, of the eyelid, causing drooping. Headaches with facial neuralgia are common. The right side is particularly affected.
Very chilly people subject to vertigo which is worse when lying down in bed.

A burning, raw, scraped pain is characteristic and is experienced particularly in sore throats with hoarseness (worse morning), cystitis with acute sensitivity to cold and in the effects of burns and scalds. Incontinence of urine is an important symptom, worse for coughing, sneezing or exertion. It is caused by muscular weakness or paralysis after childbirth, surgery. There may also be constipation and Faecal incontinence arising from weakness of muscles.


Cold drinks, damp wet weather, washing, warmth of bed.

Dry, cold or raw air, winds, draughts, extremes of temperature, fats, 3-4 a.m. or evening, change of weather, darkness, burns, fright, grief. Causticum is characteristically anxious and cautious, worn out and worried. Sympathetic to others but often caustic and critical. They are chilly with raw, burning pains better for warm wet weather and much worse for cold dry weather. Incontinence with cough is an important guiding symptom. Paralysis and rheumatic pain are common in the remedy. If the general symptoms agree this remedy may be considered in anxiety, Bell's Palsy, burns, cramp, cystitis, grief, incontinence, muscle and joint pain, neuralgia, restless legs, stiff neck, vertigo and dizziness.


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